Welcome to the website of the International Law Company "Zharikov Company"!

Our business relationships enable an integrated approach to solving problems arising both in the process of the enterprises’ activity of any organizational-legal form, and the daily lives of citizens.

Our organizational structure allows us to efficiently represent the interests of your business along the entire vertical both of the executive branch - from local administration to the Cabinet of Ministers, and the judicial branch - from a local trial court to the Supreme Court of Ukraine.
As of today, we service about 9000 permanent clients active in large- and middle-scale business.
Practice on such a scale ensures that our Companys lawyers are in top form in terms of expertise, ideas, patterns and changes in the legislation.

We invite you to visit sections of the site, get on-line consultation of our experts and will be glad to greet you personally in our offices. Our company is ready to provide you with quality legal services to any direction.

Professionalism, high quality of services provided, reliability, taking clients interests as a priority, comprehensive approach, mobility and operational efficiency in solving the tasks entrusted to us - these are the components of our successful work.

Banking Law advice
Group of lawyers who specialize in the field of banking law, provides a full range of legal services for banks, financial institutions and other clients who work in the capital markets.

If you do not want to do business or you have problems with it - please contact us!

Full legal support of the bankruptcy proceedings at any stage.

Legalization estate
Our lawyers offer a quick and positive result of a decision on registration of rights to immovables.

Land Law
Our company accomplishes all main types of work and services in the field of land administration.

Licenses and permits
We will help you in receiveng all types of licenses and permits needed for start and further the work of your company on the Ukrainian market.
Taxation advice
Our experts in the sphere of taxation constantly monitor the innovations of the Ukrainian legislation in this area, as well as their practical application, including jurisprudence and change in the position of tax authorities, etc.

Legal defence
We offer a range of legal services to represent the interests of the parties in court.

State registration, reorganization
Our experts will quickly and professionally solve any issue relating to the establishment and activity of your company throughout Ukraine.

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Legal consulting company Zharikov and Company takes this opportunity to wish you a happy New Year.




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Himself bankrupt: analysis of the bill on personal bankruptcy

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